Sometimes the yearning to see new pretty fabric, to browse and maybe buy something that inspired us, arrives in the middle of the night, or after a long, busy day. In addition to our wonderful local quilt shops, which we cannot do without but which are probably closed at that time, the ability to visit an online fabric shop can fill that midnight need.

I would like to make some modern quilts in addition to continuing to make art quilts. After recently joining the Modern Quilt Guild it seems my stash can use a little refurbishing. So, I went looking one night….Here are some interesting sites you may enjoy.

Linda Lunt

Lancaster Home & Fabric

Shabby Fabrics

Stash Fabrics

Bloomerie Fabrics

Modern Quilting

Crimson Tate

Fabric Worm

Old South Fabrics


Fabric Bubb

Stacked Fabric Company

Stitchin’ Heaven

Rebs Fab Stash